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Why Dental Teeth Cleaning Every 6 Months Is Necessary

Why Dental Teeth Cleaning Every 6 Months Is Necessary

Oral hygiene is incredibly important and something that is allowed to fall to the wayside by far too many people. Dentists recommend getting professional teeth cleaning every 6 months and there are good reasons for this. This article will explain everything you need to know about dental teeth cleaning and why you need to have it done every 6 months.

Why Dental Teeth Cleaning Every 6 Months Is Necessary

There are a number of reasons why teeth cleaning should be done so regularly:

Early Detection

It’s always better to catch a problem before it’s able to take full effect. Having regular checkups and teeth cleanings mean that your dentist may be able to catch problems like gingivitis, gum disease and cavities just as they start to form. In the long run this will save you money, time off and of course a lot of pain.


In addition to detecting the early issues, a professional cleaning can help nip them in the bud. Plaque build up is a common problem that could lead to big problems if left untreated. The plaque can harden and form tartar which is a breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria that can infect your gums and teeth and leave you with serious problems. A routine cleaning can get rid of that plaque easily before it can harden.


Finally, a good cleaning can do wonders for your teeth. you’ll always be more comfortable smiling when your teeth feel clean. And issues like bad breath can often be fixed with a simple dental cleaning.

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Dental and oral diseases

Without regular dental checkups and cleaning, we become more susceptible to dental and oral disease.  Our diet of sugars and acids erode at the teeth enamel and create cavities which lead to more serious problems. These diseases can be painful, unpleasant and even quite dangerous. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that oral disease can have effects on our general health and is even linked to things like diabetes and heart disease.

How to maintain good oral health at home?

In addition to in office maintenance appointments, it’s important to look after your periodontal health at home. You should ensure to brush your teeth twice a day and try to floss daily. You should also endeavor to avoid tobacco and limit sugar and acids in your diet. Try to include high fibre options in your diet as well.

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While it may be annoying to have to go get your teeth cleaned as regularly as every 6 months, it’s absolutely vital. It can help you avoid potentially dangerous problems down the road while also keeping our teeth clean, healthy and attractive. If you want to feel totally secure, then you need to have a dentist you can trust. Quimson Dental Care is a leading practice in the San Francisco area and has a track record of experience and excellence for full family dental needs.